Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to the world’s 13th largest population and South East Asia’s fastest growing middle class (acc. To Boston Consulting Group)

Ca. 100 million population, growing at ca. 1 million per year Vietnam has very favorable demographics, with 60% of the population under 35 years old

The Vietnamese economy has shown persistently strong growth for decades since economy started to open up and deregulate

Over the past 25 years Vietnam, has had an average GDP growth of ca. 7% p.a

Valuations in Vietnam remain low

Vietnamese public market valuation levels are 40-60% lower than regional peer markets, which is striking when you consider the strong underlying macro economic development

For being a frontier market, the Vietnamese market is relatively safe and stabile

The Vietnamese economy was ranked the “least vulnerable” emerging economy by The Economist, 15th of September 2015

Over the coming decade, Vietnam stands to benefit significantly from newly signed free trade agreements with EU, ASEAN, Korea and Russia

Vietnam is increasing its competitiveness as a manufacturing hub, being the 2nd largest supplier of shoes and apparel to the U.S., Japan and EU as well as the fastest growing electronics manufacturer in the world

The government shows a persistent track record of pro-market deregulation

Most recently foreign ownership limit of 49% in listed Vietnamese companies and foreign ownership restriction in real estate were both removed in 2nd half of 2015