Hans Tiedemann

Senior Advisor



Gambier, Ohio

James Capel Securities (USA and Japan), Morgan Stanley (Japan), Tiedemann International Research (USA), Tiedemann Investment Group (USA), Steel Partners Japan (Japan)

Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles


Hans Tiedemann, Senior Advisor, has a political science background and has lived in the United States, Japan and Vietnam. In the US and Japan, he worked four years as an institutional stock broker for James Capel Securities and four years as the Head of Tokyo Foreign Institutional Sales Desk for Morgan Stanley where he specialized in the sale of Japanese equities to institutional investors.

Afterwards, he founded and ran Tiedemann International Research in 1988, an international brokerage firm with 14 offices and 160 employees, which he sold to E*TRADE Securities in 2000. Between 1990 and 2000, under the Tiedemann Investment Group, he launched multiple hedge funds in New York City which together raised capital of over $2 billion AUM.

Thereafter, until 2006 he worked as a fundraising partner for Steel Partners Japan, a Japanese activist fund, which raised funds in excess of $2 billion for activist investing into Japan. Currently, he is working as a private property developer with a focus on residential properties and liquor licensed pubs and bar restaurants in the US, Australia and Vietnam.

In his free time, Hans enjoys mountain biking, hiking and swimming. He lives in Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles.