Endurance Capital

Endurance Capital Vietnam I has over time significantly outperformed both the VN Index and the relevant ETF

Over the past 5 years, the fund has generated a gross return of +79% during a period where the VNIndex returned +22% and the relevant ETF generated a negative return of -11%. At the same time, Endurance Capital had an 9.3% lower weighted standard deviation than the VN Index and a beta value of 0.72 for the period.

Endurance Capital

Endurance Capital’s strategy is both evergreen and semi-liquid - effectively ensuring a long-term strategically advantageous capital structure which allows both having liquidity available in times when the market hits a trough, while at the same time providing the foundation for building long-term working relationships with our holdings around impactful value enhancement programs. During the past 12 months Endurance Capital utilized this advantage to start building attractive consumer-oriented positions including within healthcare and retail. As a result, the Endurance Capital portfolio now holds a concentrated portfolio of what we deem to be 11 of Vietnam’s future large-caps - with a weighted revenue growth of +16.2% and a weighted net margin of +19.1%.

Endurance Capital Vietnam II is here!

In April 2023, we launched Endurance Capital Vietnam II SICAV RAIF – our new fund, based in Luxembourg. The newly launched Endurance Capital Vietnam II ended Q1 2024 returning +7.8%.

Endurance Capital Vietnam II (ECVII) is set up with three regular share classes and purposed for professional individual and institutional investors. It is launched with the highly attractive and temporary share class V which offers lower fees for investors joining ECVII early in its journey. The new fund is a parallel entity to ECVI, with the two funds having the same strategy and being run by the same team, as well as over time invest pro-rata in the same portfolio holdings. Both funds are open once per month for investment. If you are interested to learn more, please send an email to: [email protected]